By: Nishant | January 10, 2018

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By: Nishant | October 04, 2017

IIT JEE preparation can happen in 5-6 months time if you do it correctly. Most students try to plan things out at this stage but fail to execute them. There are many reasons why they fail. One of the reason is indiscipline. It is difficult to follow a path for such a long time. Another reason they fail is the plans are not realistic. All of a sudden they see a mountain of syllabus and make very aggressive plans of finishing topics in a jiffy. 

Right way to make a plan and sticking to it is shown in the video below:


By: Nishant | May 07, 2017

IIT JEE preparation is a long preparation often varying from 6 months to 3 Years. In such a long time, it almost always becomes imperative to have good notes handy so that you can glance at them once and know what you had studied years ago. Effective notes are those which can be referred even after a long time and can be used during JEE revision or mock test revision. 

Spending too much time in making notes is also uncalled for as it would make your preparation inefficient. 

By: Nishant | April 30, 2017

So many YouTube Channels have tried to answer this most asked question by the students. A lot of YouTubers answer this question simply by subtracting the hours which would keep you occupied in regular activities by 24 and finding the appropriate number for you. They would argue, if you sleep 8 hours, eat for an hour, indulge in nature call activities for half an hour, go to coaching class which takes 5 hours etc, then you are left with 24-8-1/2-1-1/2-5 = 9 hours. Another 1-2 hours would get wasted here and there, So practically you are left with 6-8 hours to study. But this approach to answering this tough question has its limitations.

In the beginning if you study for IIT JEE for 6-8 hours , your study would not be very effective. Why? Beca...

By: Nishant | April 30, 2017

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