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We are not a bunch of boring IIT JEE coaching professors with big belly. We are young engineering graduates, alumni of BITS-Pilani with a passion to make life easier for engineering aspirants.

Having spent 2-3 years of our lives preparing for IIT JEE, BITSAT and other engineering exams, we realized how inefficient the coaching institutes are in preparing us for these exams. They spend hours and hours in showing us there gizmo of solving tough IIT JEE questions while these things are never asked in the exam. We are asked to do thousands of questions, while a few of these key questions would have been sufficient.

Having analyzed these mistakes we realized the life could be much easier for the aspirants if they know the right things. Coaching classes have to portray their jazz, otherwise they wont be able to sell anything to you.

Mr. Pankaj Consul is the founder of ConquerIITJEE. He is a writer and a strategist. Nishant his son, is a BITS-Pilani pass- out and assists his father in the functioning. ConquerIITJEE office is based out of Delhi.

Nishant Consul is the author of most of the Study plan booklets. He also holds an MBA degree from SPJain.

Contact us at and we would be happy to tell you more about us.