Frequently asked questions

What content do I get when I buy the study plans?

- For some of the study plans you will receive a study plan in the form of an pdf. For some plans excel sheets may be provided.

When do I get the study plans after payment?

- Most plans can be instantaneously downloaded most times after the purchase. Separately you will receive a link for instantaneous download the plans. In some cases, you may not get the download link thus you would be separately emailed the documents with in 2-3 days.

Can I use these plans on the tablet or phone?

- Plans require you to have Microsoft Office and pdf reader, it can be either in phone or tablet. For better experience, view it on a bigger screen such as a pc or a laptop.

What if I have tuition classes or tuition exams? Should I follow this plan and leave the exam?

- If you find coaching classes important then don't leave them ever. You should stick to them and try to make your self study plan which should gel with your coaching classes plan. But you must get self study time. You need to have specific week wise schedule which will give you ample time to progress and good time to enjoy your life. Also your focus should be on small incremental improvements. Also if you want study plans customized based on your schedule, you can opt for conqueriitjee customized study plan.

What is the difference between customized study plan and other study plans?

- Customized study plans are tailored made for your needs. To make this plan we take your inputs in terms of your daily routine. For e.g if you go to school, come back home and go to tuition classes and are just left with 1-2 hours for self study in a day, then we make the study plan so that your preparation is totally in sync with your school and your coaching classes. We also take into account the topics you have already covered before opting for this plan. We also consider the time left with you and other important factors before we make the plan totally apt for your needs so that you can seamlessly follow the plan and get best results.

We want to talk to you on phone before we opt for the study plans?

- You may email your phone no. and we would get back to you. However, this request may not be entertained always. On case to case basis we may call you based on the email conversation. You may drop any queries you have on the email id and we will get back to you.

The customized plan, does it affect the board preparation or it goes parallel and provides room for that too.
6 Months Plan discounts a major disruption of any kind in the coming days (Though, it has place for theory, where you may do board exam prep). 1 year or 2 Year plan has enough time to cover the syllabus from holistic point of view (JEE and Board exams both). Customized study plan is build based on students' inputs about their routine of school, classes, coaching, syllabus understanding, expected exam disruption, amount of time left to prepare etc. If you have board exams and need plan tailored for you, this is the best one you can have. Alternatively, in the telephonic advice service you can ask as many no. of questions, including how to make this plan yourself.

The plan, is it going to provide the study materials? I mean theory, prep-guide, mock papers, past papers, evaluation tests etc.
No. Plan doesn't have any kind of study material. We dont want to load students with more. They are freely available everywhere. We focus more towards the more important aspect of JEE prep.

And is it really, I mean speaking from the view of practicality, IITs, and BITs possible right now with just 6 months? Really?
Yes, preparation is the key. Don't doubt. Nothing wrong in giving it a shot, even if the time is less. It's worth going after.

Can I get a demo of the study plans?
Since these plans are written texts and tables in the pdf and excel form, we do not have a demo to show you.