By: Nishant | April 21, 2017

Main Benefits of a Coaching Classes are:

  • Exposure to Competition
  • Regularity of study
  • Guidance
  • Shortcut Tricks
Let's do a small comparison of the Coaching class and Self study. Also we will see how can some of the things coaching classes offer can be replicated at home

By: Nishant | October 04, 2016

Before starting to prepare for IIT JEE, students have lots of questions in their head. Some of them are listed below:

1. How many hours to study for IIT JEE?

2. Which books to study from?

3. How to study for IIT JEE?

4. Should I join a coaching institute?

5. Which is a good coaching institute?

6. What if I have no money to join coaching classes?

7. Will I have time to enjoy? Can I play and go to parties?

All these questions are relevant. Most important part of IIT JEE preparation is about having a proper structure for preparation. I want to assure the readers to take this notion out of their heads that intelligence or I.Q. has anything to do with their selection in the best colleges in India. Preparation is the most important aspect. The objective ...