By: Nishant | March 31, 2017

We are a bunch of Bitsians who passed out of Bits-Pilani in year 2011. A few years back when we prepared for engineering entrance exams, we found a need of a guardian, a mentor, a supervisor, a motivator who would speak to us in the times of confusion, in the times of despair and show us the right path for us to succeed. At times even hard work seemed not enough.  All we had was a father, who had appeared in IIT JEE centuries ago, and a few tuition or coaching teachers who could never get into the premiere college themselves. They were surely motivating and surely capable of solving our subject doubts but there was a need for more.

We needed an actual companion who could entertain our specific doubts about our strengths and weaknesses....

By: Nishant | October 04, 2016

Before starting to prepare for IIT JEE, students have lots of questions in their head. Some of them are listed below:

1. How many hours to study for IIT JEE?

2. Which books to study from?

3. How to study for IIT JEE?

4. Should I join a coaching institute?

5. Which is a good coaching institute?

6. What if I have no money to join coaching classes?

7. Will I have time to enjoy? Can I play and go to parties?

All these questions are relevant. Most important part of IIT JEE preparation is about having a proper structure for preparation. I want to assure the readers to take this notion out of their heads that intelligence or I.Q. has anything to do with their selection in the best colleges in India. Preparation is the most important aspect. The objective ...