By: Nishant | October 04, 2016

Before starting to prepare for IIT JEE, students have lots of questions in their head. Some of them are listed below:

1. How many hours to study for IIT JEE?

2. Which books to study from?

3. How to study for IIT JEE?

4. Should I join a coaching institute?

5. Which is a good coaching institute?

6. What if I have no money to join coaching classes?

7. Will I have time to enjoy? Can I play and go to parties?

All these questions are relevant. Most important part of IIT JEE preparation is about having a proper structure for preparation. I want to assure the readers to take this notion out of their heads that intelligence or I.Q. has anything to do with their selection in the best colleges in India. Preparation is the most important aspect. The objective of this blog post is to guide you how to get started with the IIT JEE preparation from scratch. If you are like me who hates reading long articles, you may go through this video to capture the same content.  

Step by step follow this process to get started with your IIT JEE preparation

  • Make a chart of all the topics in the IIT JEE. Just give the headings of the topic
  • Next step is to allocate time needed for each of these topics. You can do that by asking teachers, experiences students or conquerIITJEE team. We have a ready made study plans where you don't have to go through these exercises and you can directly jump to studying.
  • Decide the sequence in which these topics have to be completed. This has to accurate and must be asked from experts. You wont be able to do random topics unless you go in a correct sequence. You may use our ready made IIT JEE study plans if you are not sure. Each topic must have a start and the end date. If possible make the Gant charts. We recommend you do two topics of two different subjects simultaneously at a time. 
  • Decide a color scheme for the strengths and weaknesses. After you do each topic you have to mark them on two accounts: Completion % ( it is possible you may not complete the topic in dedicated time) and how strong are you in it. So mark with Red if you are weak, Yellow if you are okay and Green if you are Strong.
  • Decide and gather the study material. We prefer videos over books. Videos ensure better retention. look for videos on the YouTube. You can try FreeShikshaVideos or khanacademy.
  • Start studying and following your study plan

Challenges you may face

  • You would not accurately know how much time each topic will take
  • You would not accurately know the sequence in which you should do the topics
  • You may not not how much time to allocate to practice,  theory and sample papers
  • You may not know how to structure this plan most efficiently. 

Solution to these issues

Opt for conquerIITJEE ready made study plan crafted carefully to accurately guide you with all the above related issues.

  • 6 Months study plan
  • 1 year study plan
  • 2 Year study plan
  • Customized plan
6 Months study plan
1 year study plan
2 Year study plan
Customized plan


Posted on : July 30, 2017

plz gv me guidline for preparation of jee mains in 6 month<br />


Posted on : June 26, 2017

free mai koi jugad kero yar nishant bhai jis iitian ne tumhe ye advice
di thi paise liye the kya help me too yar ho sake toh invite plan meri
email address pe bhej dena ... i would be
really thanking u<br />


Posted on : March 30, 2017

how can i get the copy of the 1 year plan. its not coming

Abhinav kr Raj

Posted on : February 27, 2017

how to study<br />

Pradyumn Dharmale

Posted on : February 06, 2017

Sir i have activate d 1year planner but i want its hard copy how should
i get it (im not getting print out due to password )

Pradyumn Dharmale

Posted on : February 06, 2017

Sir i have activate d the 1year planer but i want its hard copy how
should i get it (i m not getting its print out due to password)

Akshat Garg

Posted on : December 21, 2016

It was great hearing it from you Nishant and would also like to share my
experience. I got a AIR-6 rank in my JEE exams. I had joined Catalyser
coaching institute for my IIT-JEE preparations. The teaching staff is
really good they were always helpful and supportive to me. I was good in
Mathematics and Physics but not in Chemistry rather this, catalyser
helped me really great to cover the weak point and even made my concepts
more sharp. I used to spend my maximum study time with catalyser and it
was always a great learning period........


Posted on : November 29, 2016

Guys , I am from a CBSE background and joined narayana clg doing my 1
year I have opt for iit but I am not able to perform and I legitimately
dont want to waste my time on it anymore , so I am thinking to join aiee
for my 2nd year so I can only concentrate on mains and bits . But my
situation right now is way our drastic . Nearly our portion is completed
but I am only perfect 40 % around and my boards are coming now so till
I join my 2nd year I don&#39;t have time to concentrate on jee and after
joing 2nd year I will be busy with the current year . I wana know which
exams I can prefer attempting and which on easy compression with jee
bits ,vit, srm , or u know any of other exams .


Posted on : November 16, 2016

You should make a list of topics and mark your weaknesses and start
looking at doing everything to strengthen those. If you are not aware
about your weaknesses, you need to take mock tests and find your
weaknesses. Your objective should be improving your score constantly in
the mock tests. This will make sure you are doing enough practice and
also improving the areas where you are weak.

Sumedh S Mandhan

Posted on : November 13, 2016

I got a Rank of 4561 in JEE Advanced 2016.<br />
My JEE Mains rank was 1069. I wish to sit in Advanced again. So ! What
should I start with? I am presently pursuing B.E. Computer Engineering
from NSIT.

Banti kumar

Posted on : October 14, 2016

SIR WILL THE PLANNER affect my online test seriers schedule.i have
joined allen online test series fo jee advance 2017.kindly reply ia
tried to submit contact us fill up but it shows error


Posted on : October 04, 2016

You may want to check this video out to know that.

Prashant Rabjan

Posted on : October 04, 2016

which book should i read to qualify itt jee main only for all subject.
im in class11 ryt now

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