By: Nishant | May 07, 2017


IIT JEE preparation is a long preparation often varying from 6 months to 3 Years. In such a long time, it almost always becomes imperative to have good notes handy so that you can glance at them once and know what you had studied years ago. Effective notes are those which can be referred even after a long time and can be used during JEE revision or mock test revision. 

Spending too much time in making notes is also uncalled for as it would make your preparation inefficient. 

When a student makes notes, his entire concentration goes into making notes and he misses out on the concept been told in the class. Even if he is reading the booking and making the notes, notes should just supplement his preparation and not over burden him. 

Watch out for 3 great techniques to master notes making to enhance your JEE preparation. Effective notes making also help you reduce the number of hours you have to spend on studying to crack JEE main. 3rd technique is the world's best notes making technique, so please do not miss out on watching this important video. 


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Posted on : September 28, 2017

How can i crack JEE without coaching but by omly self study? I can do anything

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